Brenda Falls at Sugar Lake Dam, BC with Lumix FZ300 & FujiFilm X T-4

Brenda Falls at Sugar Lake Dam, BC with Lumix FZ300 & FujiFilm X T-4 – The powers of water are best captured in high speed photography or in video. This visit to Brenda Falls just below of Sugar Lake took place in the late part of winter with difficult lighting conditions. Shooting out of the dark into bright sunlight or illuminated water can be a challenge. Brenda Falls @ Sugar Lake Dam BC
Brenda Falls @ Near Sugar Lake BC Brenda Falls at Sugar Lake Dam is worth a visit for photography buffs and anyone who loves the raw power of waterfalls. Caution is advised when attempting to get closer to the rivers edge via the western side’s former viewing area. A steep, old trail that leads down to the water is badly eroded and the place could be dangerous during the dam’s high water releases.


The video shows a few stills and some scenes shot through the trees from the steep shoreline. The water looks a bit overexposed as the camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ300) struggles with the difficult lighting.

Brenda Falls Hydro Sign @ Sugar Lake BC

Brenda Falls at Sugar Lake Dam, BC and all other hydroelectric facilities create special risks for visitors. Sudden changes in water flows in the spillway, strong currents near the dam, and the presence of numerous log jams and debris make swimming and boating dangerous. For your own safety, stay behind fenced areas, away from all hydroelectric operating structures, and away from steep cliffs. Before embarking on a trip, ensure that you have detailed mapping, have first hand knowledge of the river and present conditions, and have taken adequate safety precautions, especially during high water. Leave a plan of your trip with a relative or friend.

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