Enchanted Moments
Captured With Camera And Paint Brush
Transformed Into Unique Art
Showcase The True Passion Of
Jack And Matt

Panel 1


From travels abroad
to backyards in the Pacific Northwest,
this Canadian painter,
crafter and nature photographer
draws inspiration
from surrounding beauty and culture.

20231108 0617


20211208 1522

Panel 2

Handcrafted Wood Clocks

Beautifully detailed,
wacky wooden clocks handcrafted with passion
from Canadian pine wood.

20231108 0618


20211208 1522.

Panel 3

Digital Photo Art

A door to boundless creativity,
a vast array of tools and techniques
illuminate ideas
previously unimaginable. 

Digital Art @ JackAndMatt Photography Art

20211208 1522


Panel 4 Placeholder