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Shuswap Falls, BC @ Historic Wilsey Dam

Shuswap Falls near Lumby in British Columbia facilitates BC Hydro’s Wilsey Dam which features multiple waterfalls year round. A prominent viewing platform high above the dam’s spill channel provides spectacular views to the frothing waters below.

Shuswap-Falls-@-Wilsey-Dam - Jack And Matt Photography

Further north along the course of the Shuswap River at 29 Km distance is the site of Sugar Lake dam. Historically known as Brenda Falls, the river drops there about 30 feet. The structure is a 150 m long and 13 m high concrete buttress dam that provides storage and regulation for the BC Hydro Shuswap Falls generating station downstream.

Shuswap Falls BC @ Wilsey Dam - Jack And Matt Photography

Shuswap Falls, BC @ Historic Wilsey Dam – is a paradise for photographers and videographers. For anyone who loves waterfalls and raging waters through rugged canyons, this is the place to visit. Since the dam’s contruction, salmon have been unable to travel up into the head waters of Shuswap River for spawning. Due to public pressure by first nations and naturalists, BC Hydro decided in 2021 it was more cost-effective decomission the outdated plant rather than to construct fish ladders for the salmon. According to BC Hydro, the works would commence as early as 2026. 

Shuswap Falls BC Video - Jack And Matt Photography


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Wild Pacific Trail BC, Vancouver Island

The Wild Pacific Trail BC on Vancouver Island near the town of Ucluelet, BC invites to vast beaches in Pacific Rim National Park and offers endless photo opportunities. Rock Bluffs at the northern portion of the trail features elevated observation spots on the rugged coastline. At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to a video that features many stunning photographs of the Wild Pacific Trail.

Wild Pacific Trail BC - Jack And Matt Photography

In spring, the blow spouts of migrating whales can be seen on the ocean. Radar Hill provides excellent views over the ocean side and is a particular good spot to visit for late summer sunsets.  

Ucluelet Sunset @ Wild Pacific Trail - Jack And Matt Photography
In the vicinity of the Amphritrite Lighthouse, the southern part of the Wild Pacific Trail there is access to the ocean edge at low tide. Many rocky tide pools host stunning sea life such as urchins, sea stars, anemones and small crabs which are easy to capture on camera. To get rid of the sky’s reflection on the water surface, a flash light does an excellent job. 

2017 Wild Pacific Trail BC Sea Enemies - Jack And Matt Photography

There are so many beautiful sites to see and explore on the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island, BC. The best seasonal time to to catch stunning sunsets is in the spring when the sun sets due west. Later in the year, due to the earth’s rotation, the sun sets further north and is difficult to see from the Wild Pacific Trail.

Bald Eagle @ Wild Pacific Trail BC Video - Jack And Matt Photography