Sicamous Creek Fatal Falls, BC

Three house-sized boulders in a narrow gorge divide Sicamous Creek into two cascading waterfalls. A short, well developed and marked trail leads from the parking lot at Highway 97A to a viewing area from which the stunning scenery of Sicamous Creek Fatal Falls can be enjoyed. Be sure to stay on the trail(s) at all times and avoid old pathways beyond safety fences. Bring a tripod and use it if you want to soften up the motion of the waterfall with a slow shutter speed. When the sun hits the gorge on a nice day, you may want to try shooting with a good ND (Neutral density) filter.

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Sicamous Creek Fatal Falls
In two separate instance, people have left the safety of marked trails for better views and have fallen to their deaths. In spring of 2019, a 27-year-old Malakwa resident died after climbing up a rock face to a cave and falling 140 metres down a steep embankment. The man who was a significant distance away from a marked trail died from a traumatic head injury sustained in the fall. Alcohol intoxication was apparently a contributing factor in the accidental death.

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Shuswap Search and Rescue’s cliff rescue team and members of Sicamous Fire Department struggled four hours in dangerous conditions to recover the body. Two months later, a hiker came across a body while hiking along a lower trail in the area. Police believe a 53-year-old Edmonton man left the hiking trail to get a better view of a gorge at Sicamous Creek Falls when his footing gave away and he fell 30 metres to his death.

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