St. Ives Winter Photo Shoot @ Shuswap Lake BC

St. Ives Winter Photo Shoot @ Shuswap Lake in British Columbia produced a number of very cool images of melting snow and ice on beach rocks and the local wharf. The locality is mostly recognised for it’s recreational summer activities by local tourism operators and local resorts. It is however a stepping stone for endless adventures and explorations to remote areas on Shuswap Lake.

Sicamous Creek Fatal Falls, BC

At Cinnemousun Narrows – where the four arms of the lake meet one can push on to Anstey and Seymour arms.  A number of nearby marine parks invite boaters and paddler to enjoy sandy beaches throughout different seasons.

The late afternoon sun on this glorious day was just right to illuminated the ice crystals above the water. Fall and winter are probably the best times to photograph in this part of the world as the low angle of the sun provides lighting that is not encountered during any other time of the year. The images from the St. Ives Winter Photo Shoot on Shuswap Lake are spectacular. Check out our St. Ives Winter Photo Shoot @ Shuswap Lake video and subscribe to our channel here. 


Exclusively produced with Canon’s SX60 HS Superzoom bridge camera and Canon Powershot G16, the first model of the G series back then featuring built-in Wifi. Video editing software at the time were Windows Movie Maker and VideoPad.